Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mommy the Pack Mule

This is what I feel like. As I pulled out of the driveway today I was thinking back to the good old days. You know, the days where I decide to leave, grab my purse & keys & walk out the door. Sometimes I miss those days. When you become a Mommy you also become a pack mule. Nobody warns you about this, but it does happen.

The newborn days. Paige was born in late January, and even here in the Deep South it gets cold. So, to leave the house there's blankets & a diaper bag crammed full. There's the extra clothes, diapers, wipes, Mylicon drops & who knows what else. Good thing about breastfeeding? No bottles or formula to deal with. A couple less things for me to pack.

Paige gets a bit older & the season changes. Extra blankets are replaced with just a lightweight nursing blanket. Blowout diapers become less, so there's less clothes to carry. But, you have to add solid foods, bibs & spoons. You still have extra clothes, but now it's just shirts that will match the pants or skirt already being worn.

We become a full fledged toddler eating regular table food. Now we only have to carry diapers, bibs, spoons & 1 extra shirt. The big newborn diaper bag is replaced with a smaller more compact bag. Now, breastfeeding is behind us, so cups must go everywhere with us.

We get closer to 2. Now to leave the house all we need is a cup & diapers. The diapee wipee fits nicely in my slightly larger than usual purse, so no extra diaper bag is needed. For a slightly longer trip, the small diaper bag may still be needed. You'll need diapers, wipes, snacks & juice. I'm sure at this point some parents have given over to candy & soda as snacks & don't feel the need to carry the bag. Not me. I'm still giving Juicy Juice or organic juice & snacks are animal crackers or granola bars.

We've reached the potty training stage. If you've read my earlier posts you know I don't believe in pull ups. I think they're Pampers way of getting you to buy their product longer. We only wear big girl panties. Now to leave the house I have my slightly larger than usual purse. Then there's the smaller toddler size diaper bag complete with juice, snack, emergency diapers & a folding potty seat. Then there's the extra bag of clothes. I'm walking out the door with 3 bags, a sippy cup, my drink, keys & phone. I don't have enough hands!

Of course none of this takes into account that Paige just has to take toys with her. It seems we can't leave the house without her holding onto a toy. It doesn't last long. Mommy ends up carrying it. Oh yes, and don't forget the 30 pound, 3 foot tall 2 1/2 year old who still likes to be carried. One day I'm hoping to get back to my normal size purse & no extra bags. I'm just not certain that it will happen any time soon. We'll see. It has to happen one day, right?


Caroline said...

Isn't this the truth?? Seriously, here was my first few thoughts after I found out I was preggo with Ellie.

Crap, I just fit back into my pre-preg pants.

Fark me, I'll have to start packing enough for a small world country again.

You're so close to being in the promised land Angie. The days of "Put your shoes on and go buckle yourself into the car."

When they can wipe their own butts is also a fabulous milestone.

C. Beth said...

Oh, I SO hear you! I just really don't like leaving the house anymore, considering becoming a gen-u-ine hermit.

Monica said...

Dude, I hate to tell you, but the older boys (13, 12, 10) still put their crap in my purse. They were thrilled when I had to go to a diaper bag after the baby was born.

Two days ago, while walking into Walmart with my mom I asked her to put my wallet and phone in her purse so I didn't have to carry them.

It never ends.