Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ronnie Hates People

Hello from Ronnie again.

I just want it said that driving makes you stupid. Living here in Mobile, AL, I have never seen such blatant disrespect for the laws of driving. I've been around the block a couple of times and it seems that Mobile takes the crust of the biscuit.

1. Stop lights. Who needs em? From my youth I was taught that the yellow light is a warning that the red is coming, so slow down. The joke was to speed up and don't let the light turn orange. Here in Mobile, just keep going. If the light turns red, you still have time for at least three more cars. Who cares if the other person's light is green. I can't count on my fingers and toes how many times I have almost hit someone because they ran their red light. So when I honk my horn, they give me the finger. God I miss my Dodge Dart. I feel like just ramming them sometimes. I don't think my insurance company would like me to much if I just start hitting other cars with my new Honda.

2. Speed limits in neighborhoods. Save the taxpayers money and just stop making them. I mean they took them down in our neighborhood. Stop signs also.

3. People who are better than me. This is what prompted this rant. I was coming into my neighborhood by the usual method. getting in the turning lane about 10 - 15 yards before the turn, what ever is standard. I see this little grey car get in the turning lane about 50 yards down behind me and accelerates to pass people in the normal passing lane. I make my turn, and this is just an entrance street, about one "yard" long. Anyway, this in a dead end in to a "T" intersection, you can only turn left or right. I was turning left. I don't know what grey car was doing, no blinker. There was a school bus stopped on my left, on the connecting street. I stopped and waited till the kids were out and had crossed the street. Grey car decides to pass me on my left. What was she thinking? At that exact moment the bus turn toward us. Blocks her off she had to slam her brakes and back up. I made my turn with my head out to window Laughing my *** off. Yea, I made sure she saw me. She was turning right by the way. That means she was trying to go around me to make a right hand turn in front of me while a bus was letting kids off. How important are you?

That's about it. I just had to laugh. I wonder if she would have tried it if I was driving my old Dart? Guess we will never know.

Peace out!

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C. Beth said...

HA! Sounds like something my husband would post.

Angie--on my teddy bear post there's a link to the pattern--near the beginning of the post. It's free so have fun! Of course, hopefully you'll win. :)