Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Potty training update

We have been in big girl panties for quite a while now, probably 3 weeks or so. Our accidents are getting less and less. There were no accidents over the weekend. Monday there was 1 accident at school, and none yesterday or today.

Paige has gotten better about telling us she needs to potty. We still ask, but if she says no, she means it. She will tell us and run to the potty. By the time you get there she has her panties half way down. This girl is serious!

We even wear big girl panties during nap time! That's right, Ms. Tricee at daycare told us she doesn't put Paige in a diaper for nap, so neither do we. Maybe by this coming weekend we'll feel more confident about trying panties overnight. We know it means a lack of sleep, and changing sheets quite a bit. But, I think we're up for it.

Paige has been promised a big girl bike when she doesn't need diapers anymore. Looks like Mommy & Daddy will be bike shopping soon. :) Hey, I figure the cost of the bike is about 2 boxes of diapers. Not too bad a deal.

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C. Beth said...

Congrats, Paige & Mommy! That's great. We bought some cloth training pants for Chickie today and she wore them this afternoon. She went pee pee in the potty twice and in her new training panties four times...but it's just the first day! Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I'm not posting about it on my blog until we're a lot further along...afraid I'll post that we've started and then it won't "take"! :)