Sunday, October 12, 2008

Food Stuff

I have a new favorite seasoning. It's the McCormick Grill Mates Vegetable Seasoning. This stuff is wonderful! We just had some on corn on the cob. Paige ate 2 small ears. It's been good on everything we've tried it on. It's even good on grilled chicken. Yep, being the rebels we are we put vegetable seasoning on chicken. Loved it too. Paige enjoys the seasoning so much that she actually asks to eat it out of the jar. I pour a small bit in my hand and allow her to eat it. Like Mother, Like Daughter. I share it with her! :)

Getting in a dinner rut? Try Kraft. We use this website frequently now. It allows you to create an account & save the recipes you like or want to try. So far the taco bake is one of our favorites. We add crushed tortilla chips to the top before serving. I had 2 helpings & Paige had 3. Recipes can be altered to suit your taste (we left off the sour cream from the taco bake) & to make them a bit more healthy. Play a bit on the site. They have a weekly meal planner where everything you need to get fits into 1 bag. There's definitely some good ideas on here.

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Kim said...

I cannot wait to try the kraft recipes...i printed up 2 weeks worth and will see tomorrow how the commissary goes...yippee...thanks girl...