Friday, October 24, 2008

Paige the Kitty Cat

Lately Paige has been pretending to be various animals. She's been a horse, dog & cat mostly. Her favorite to pretend is a cat. And she makes a really good cat. When she's a cat she can only meow. She crawls around on all fours. The best part is she likes to snuggle. Paige Kitty will crawl up in your lap and wait for you to "pet" her hair and back. She'll rub up against you and meow if you don't pet fast enough.

This game can go on for literally hours. Just don't make the mistake of meowing back at her. She stops, looks at you and says "No, Mommy. You're not a kitty cat. You're a Mommy." At least I still know my place in this household.


C. Beth said...

What a great imagination! It'll be fun to see what she does with it as she grows older. You've got a smart one there. :)

Monica said...

That is awesome.