Monday, October 27, 2008

This n That

First, in an effort of full disclosure, Paige has 14 pair of shoes, not 13. I thought I was missing a pair, and it turns out that I was. A pair of cute little flats, white with varying shades of pink hearts on them. My Imelda Marcos has grown her collection a bit. But, it will be shrinking soon. We're getting down to 38 tonight. For the Deep South, that's colder than cold. I don't like it. It means I have to pack away the flip flops and sandals, both mine and Paige's.

Second, Paige got her first big girl bike on Sunday. I'll post pictures tomorrow. We had told Paige that when she could use the potty like a big girl, she could have a big girl bike. We've been about 3 weeks without an accident. Paige got a trip to Toys R Us where she picked out the bike she wanted. She's been having a blast riding her big girl bike up and down the driveway.

Finally, I've finished the Dark Tower series. It's taken longer than I expected. In part because I cheated one week and read 2 James Patterson novels. I couldn't help it. The call of that stack of books from Aunt Glennis was just too strong. I've also had studying to do, work, this whole parenting gig gets in the way of books sometimes. But, I've finished. The story reads amazingly well start to finish. I enjoyed my return to Roland's world. Stephen King has written other novels that tie into these. I plan on reading more of them to round out the story.

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C. Beth said...

CONGRATS, Paige! That is great--what a big girl!