Monday, October 6, 2008

Halloween goody bags

I've had these finished for a couple of weeks now. I just haven't remember to take a picture and post them! I really do like to go all out for daycare goody bags. I want the other moms to be wowed at what I've done. I can admit it. I want to have the best goody bags ever.

These were actually an afterthought. I have spent so much time planning costumes & Christmas goody bags that I didn't think about Halloween ones. Then, Walmart put out their Halloween stuff & I just had to do them.

Here's the final product.

I started with a bright green cup with pumpkin design (5 for $1). The bottom of the cup was filled with spider webbing ($2 for a giant bag). Then, I dropped in a spider ring ($1 for bag of 50), bubbles (20 for $2), and mini Play Doh (20 for $4). All of this came from Walmart. Then, to finish off, I made a quick trip to Dollar Tree. There I got the cello bags (25 for $1), 4 bags of candy (2 pieces per cup) & foam stickers (5 per cup).

I finished off the bag by tieing it with a Halloween print ribbon. (Michaels end of season clearance last year, 25 cents.) The tags were made one night pretty quick. They are scrapbook paper and Halloween stickers. (Stickers once again are an end of season clearance from Michaels for 25 cents.) I punched a hole through one corner & slid it onto the ribbon.

All in all, very cute goody bags at a relatively small cost. There are 16 kids in Paige's class. The left overs will either be saved for next year (ribbon, bags, stickers) or given out to our trick or treaters Halloween night. Now that Halloween bags are done, it's time to finish up the Christmas ones.


Kim said...

I have to say...where are my cookies...I have been waiting and waiting and stomach is screaming and cookies...I think you love to torture me since I am not one of those moms.......:) Do I need to send u my address again????

SciFi Mama said...

3517... Yeah, send me the new one again. I offered to send the recipe. Your mother in law can bake them for you. Or, send me Gabrielle for a week. Ronnie will teach her to cook.

C. Beth said...

Those are so cute! Good bargains you got, too.

SciFi Mama said...

Beth- Some parents say they don't do things like this because it gets too expensive. We're on a budget, and I wanted to show how it can be done rather cheap, if you plan ahead & go to Dollar Tree.