Thursday, March 26, 2009

All better!

Paige was able to go back to daycare today. Her fever yesterday started at 100.2 without medicine. I didn't give her any, and her fever was down to normal by 9 am. After she was feeling better yesterday she was in rare form. Her behavior was just awful. At one point she threw her almost empty cup of milk on the ground. She told me there was a mess and I needed to clean it up. Yeah. She got a spanking, a few minutes in time out, and no TV for the afternoon.

This morning the battle was over putting on her shoes. She didn't want to. Ah, the joys. Whoever said Terrible Two's didn't have a 3 year old. The 3's are much worse than the 2's ever were. We're experiencing more and more head butting over the limits. We're still set on them, but she's trying to push them.

I've also finished the last of the taxes I said I would do this year. Well, other than taxes at work, or course. These were the personal ones I said I would do on my own free time. I've completed the difficult one & had it looked over. I did a great job & it's now ready to be filed. The only thing left is the delivery.

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