Friday, March 20, 2009

Is it just me

Or are more people being diagnosed with cancer? In the past year and a half I've known several people diagnosed.

First was Ronnie's best friend from high school. It was her then 3, now 4 year old daughter. She was diagnosed with Wilm's Tumors. A childhood cancer that affects the kidneys. She's in remission now.

Next was a coworker. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He's now in remission as well.

Next was another coworkers father in law. Then a different coworkers grandfather. And not one, but two coworkers have precancerous ovarian cells. One of them has already beaten non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Next one of our friends was diagnosed with breast cancer. While she was pregnant. While still pregnant she had a mastectomy. She then had her daughter several weeks early in order to start chemo. She's half way through with the chemo and her daughter just turned 2 months. Things look promising.

And the last diagnosed is my own brother in law in New Orleans. I don't want to post his name without his permission, so I'll call him Dave. He had a cat named Dave. It's a good name; he was a good cat. Dave had constant tonsillitis. When he went in to have his tonsils removed, they found cancer. The doc removed the cancer, as much as he could see. Dave started radiation this week. We're hoping for a complete recovery.

It just seems to me like more and more people I know have been diagnosed with cancer. Ronnie says it's the stage we're at in life. That right now we're in the people are getting sick/ people getting divorced stage. Next comes the kids starting school phase. Then kids leaving home. Then people getting sick again. Personally, I wonder if some of it could be a reflection of the preservatives, hormones and everything else in our food supply.

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C. Beth said...

Hey, Angie! I have been behind on blog reading so I'm playing a little catch-up on yours today. I haven't known tons of people with cancer lately but have known of a couple of sad, young cases. (One is Clark, who passed away.) It's very sad. I do think all the chemicals everywhere probably have something to do with it--in food, smog, etc.