Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ummmmmm, Huh?

Friday night I had a horrible headache. I was laying down in the bedroom, Ronnie was cooking supper, and Ryan was playing with Paige. Let me just start this by saying Ryan, at 16, is wonderful with Paige. He plays with her, he's been known to feed her, pick her up from daycare, everything. Paige really likes her Ryan.

Ryan has a somewhat off sense of humor. Like the rest of us in the house, he thinks way outside the box & sometimes people just don't get him. Ryan and Paige played dollhouse Friday night. Here's what I found Saturday morning.

That is Belle on the roof, holding Skipper over her head. My first thought was that Belle and Skipper were playing Batman or Superman and trying to fly. That's what I get for thinking. I went to ask Ryan why. I think I like my explanation better. Belle is throwing Skipper off the roof. Seems she was a bad girl. He pointed out if you look close, Skipper has her eyes covered.

He really is a good kid. He is 16 and was playing dolls with a 3 year old. He has to find his humor somewhere, right?

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