Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What I learned today

First, daytime TV really bites. I kinda knew this before, but it was really obvious to me today. Mostly because I couldn't really get off the couch. There wasn't a lot of options out there. I did find a marathon of Law & Order SVU. I watched that most of the day. You would think with all the channels we get there would be something good on. Considering I don't like most of the prime time TV offerings it wasn't all that much of a shock actually.

Second, have you ever paid attention to drug ads? Oh my gosh! There was one today that listed cancer as a possible side effect. Cancer? As a side effect? No way. I would rather suffer from arthritis than arthritis & cancer. Wouldn't you? How desperate do you have to be to accept cancer as your side effect? I have arthritis in my knees, but I would rather have that than cancer. Another commercial says the FDA asked the drug company to clarify some things in a previous ad. Um.... ok. Makes me wonder what I missed the first time. I'm not opposed to better living through modern chemistry. I take a medicine everyday. I was willing to accept the side effects knowing they were minor, and that the overall medicine would help with the other issues I was having. I made the decision after speaking with my doctor & weighing the pros & cons. Do people really make their pharmacy decisions from commercials? That's kinda scary.

Finally, I learned that 3 is not too young to introduce your child to the joys of the clean laundry basket. Paige got dressed out of the clean laundry basket this morning. She was able to completely pick out her clothes with no help from Mommy. I hate folding laundry so much I would be content to live out of the clean laundry basket. Paige really enjoyed it. Gave me an excuse to not fold laundry again today.


C. Beth said...

Ha! Good post. I often procrastinate on folding clothes, but it's a chore I actually don't mind too much...since it gives me an excuse to watch some of that daytime TV. :-D Today I watched part of The Doctors, and Jeopardy, while folding laundry.

Heather said...

Too funny, another blogger I read has rheumatoid arthritis and just started that drug with cancer as a side affect. Apparently it's also used to treat...cancer.