Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lack of good TV

There is a definite lack of good science fiction on TV lately. Oh, there's still Battlestar Galactica. For 2 more episodes. Then the entire series is over. Dr. Who is on a break. They've announced the new Doctor, but aren't shooting episodes right now. The old Doctor, yummy David Tenant, has other obligations and they're waiting on him. TORCHWOOD is on a break as well. Makes sense since it's a spin off of Dr. Who and they're interwoven. Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis are both over. Sanctuary is a pretty good show on SciFi Channel. Of course it's on a break as well. I just can't get into Ghost Hunters or Scare Tactics.

I don't do reality TV for the most part. There are a few shows we watch. We both like Top Chef (go figure!) and Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. Of course, we've been watching it on BBC for years now. I like Project Runway as well. Maybe when Bravo, NBC & Lifetime stop suing each other we can have the next season. As for shows like American Idol, Survivor or Dancing with the Stars, I can honestly say I've never seen an episode of any of them.

With a lack of good Sci Fi out there, I've had to find new things to watch. I've recently started watching NCIS with Mark Harmon. It's a very interesting show made really good by Abby, the goth science chick. Her part is my favorite. I've branched from CSI to CSI:NY, and occassionally CSI: Miami when nothing else is on. And oddly enough, I've returned to Law & Order. I like the new cast. One of the stars was on Six Feet Under, which was one of my favorite shows.

We do have a few series from Netflix to look forward to. We're starting Smallville from the beginning. Kinda backwards now that we're about to see how it ends. And Heroes. We wanted to watch this, but missed the first part of the season, and decided to sit it out until it came out on DVD. Now we have a couple of seasons we can watch back to back.

So, what TV do you enjoy? I'm looking for something new.

And Ronnie's trip got cut a bit short. He'll be home sometime tomorrow instead of Friday.

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Amanda said...

Fringe is pretty good. Kind of like x-files. I gave up on it for now though, I got so behind on the episodes. I keep hearing that Heroes is good too.