Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Uncle Bobby's Delivery Service

This is the best delivery service ever! I really like my Uncle Bobby's Delivery Service. Here's how it works. Mom takes something across the street to Uncle Bobby. He puts it in his car. Then, the next morning he drives the 45 minutes to work, crossing the state line. He takes the elevator to the 3rd floor. Sometime around 9 or so I get an email asking if I'm ready for a delivery. I say yes. Uncle Bobby then takes the elevator to the 8th floor where I meet him. See, it works great! We've been doing this for over 2 years now, since we started working in the same office building.

Our latest delivery is a big one. Grammy has certainly been busy. We got an Easter dress, 2 Dora outfits and 2 sets of jewelry. The Easter dress is definitely long and goes almost to the floor. It's adorable! Paige likes it. She loves her Dora outfits. She had to try on the jewelry too. I drew the line at changing earrings for 2 minutes. She has to wait until Easter to wear them.

On a Paige update, she's still sick. Ronnie stayed home with her today & I was able to go to work. Tomorrow we switch up again and he goes back to work while I stay home. Her fever spiked up to 103 today when the Motrin wore off. After another dose she was down to 100.5. There's just no way we can send her back to daycare since we know she's still sick.

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