Thursday, March 5, 2009

Not all It's cracked up to be

Hi, It's Ronnie

Yea, I'm still traveling. I gotta tell ya it does not rock. I'm bored. Sure you think that one could go out and party it up, and I'm sure some do. Where am I you ask? Sitting on my butt, online, trying to avoid doing home work set up by my training program.

Just check out this party!!!

Anyway, going to bed soon. Watch our party! Here I come!

I'm going home tomarow and I will be working all day Saturday. I will spend as much time at home as possible on Sunday, but I will have to get back on the road by nightfall on Sunday. Two more weeks. Just hold my breath and I will be back at home soon. I miss my girls so much.

Thanks for checking in on Angie's blog, I know I do when I'm on the road.


SciFi Mama said...

Your girls miss you, too. What a wild party you were having there. Mine looked about the same. Except I was laying on the couch.

Monica said...

What a bunch of on!