Sunday, March 15, 2009

A little backsliding

Since November I've been following the Walton & Johnson diet. It's a very simple, basic diet: "Eat less, move around more." This is the most sensible diet out there to me. You watch your portions, eat less, and exercise more. It's actually an easy diet to follow. You don't have to give up starch or sugar, or everything that you like. You just need to eat less of it. And exercise more. That's key. You need to burn off the calories that you take in.

By following their diet I lost about 15 pounds. I lost 10 of that during the holiday season when most people gain weight. For the past couple of months I've fallen off the wagon so to speak. I'm back to eating larger portions and more junk food. And I've moved less. Oh, I have some good reasons, like being sick, pulling my back muscles, being tired. Very good excuses. But it doesn't help the scale go down.

So, tomorrow it's back on the Walton & Johnson diet. Tonight Wii Fit comes back out and I get going again. My goal is 3 times a week to start. I think that's realistic. I pack my own lunches for work. I mostly take left overs. It stops me from going out to lunch and eating bad food, and helps clean out the fridge. I'll be packing more fruit & veggies tomorrow, and watching my portion sizes. Once I get going, it's easier to stay on the right track. It's the getting started that's hard.

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RAEToncrey said...

I will wii with you baby!