Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We were getting out of the van today when Paige sneezed. Suddenly, hanging from her cheek was this huge yellow blob. Either she had the biggest booger in history, or she put something up her nose. She hasn't put anything in her nose since the rock incident of 2008.

I quickly pick it off her cheek & drop it on the ground. I didn't examine it too closely. Paige asked what was wrong. I told her she had something in her nose. You'll never guess what it was. A flower. Do you want to know why she put a flower up her nose? It smelled good. Some days I swear she's a clone of her Daddy.


Monica said...

What is amazing is that she had a blog hanging from her nose and none of us have ever read it???

SciFi Mama said...

Thanks for the spell check, Mo.

Heather said...

Oh. My. Gosh. That is freaking hilarious. How do you not pee yourself laughing at something like that? Or is it only funny when it's happening to other peoples children? I don't know, I'll tell you in a year or so when we get to the 'shoving stuff up our noses' phase.

C. Beth said...


That is so funny. And totally something Chickie would do. You're right, our girls have been in high form this week!